The University of Iowa Space Audio

These are the "sounds of space" collected by U Iowa instruments on various spacecraft.

Featured Items
Voyager 1 PWS continuation of shock-associated waves Voyager 1 PWS first interstellar audio recordings
Ongoing observations of shock-associated waves
favorite sounds Selected Sounds of Space
A sampling of Don Gurnett's favorite sounds of space
Van Allen Probes Van Allen Probes EMFISIS Waves or EMFISIS MAG audio samples
Audio clips from the twin Van Allen Probes
Juno Juno Waves audio samples
Starting with Juno crossing Jupiter's bow shock

Extended Samples
Voyager-2: Arrival at Jupiter Voyager-2: Arrival at Jupiter
The clash of the solar wind with Jupiter's immense magnetosphere

Saturn Lightning Cassini Listens to Lightning at Saturn   
The crackle and pop of lightning deep in the planet's atmosphere
Saturn Kilometric Radiation Cassini Observes Saturn Kilometric Radiation
The eerie sounds and bizarre features of Saturn's radio emissions
Voyager termination shock Voyager Termination Shock
Plasma wave sounds at the solar wind termination shock
Saturn bow shock Cassini Encounters Saturn's Bow Shock
Where the solar wind collides with Saturn's magnetic field
Saturn rotation Radio Rotation of Saturn from Cassini RPWS Measurements   
The puzzling change in Saturn's radio rotation period
Sun Rings Lecture Sounds of Space and the Kronos Quartet "Sun Rings"
The pre-performance presentation
Kronos Sun Rings Terry Riley's "Sun Rings" performed by the Kronos Quartet
The musical production inspired by sounds of space
Heliospheric Radio Emissions Heliospheric Radio Emissions Detected by Voyager
Audio from the edge of the solar system
Type III Radio Bursts Type III Radio Bursts from the Oct 28 and Nov 4, 2003, Solar Flares
The signatures of record-setting solar eruptions
Sounds of the Magnetosphere Sounds of the Magnetosphere
Sounds collected by the Polar spacecraft
Sounds of space Sounds of Space
General information

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Prof. Donald A. Gurnett
Carver/James A. Van Allen Professor of Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

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